5 Ways to Keep Your Bird Clean and Happy

Bathing is an essential part of a bird’s grooming routine, helping them keep their feathers
clean and healthy. As a bird owner, it’s important to provide your feathered friend with a
comfortable and safe environment for bathing. However, not all birds enjoy the same type of bath, so it’s important to find the method that works best for your bird. In this blog post,
we’ll discuss 5 different ways to give your bird a bath and provide tips and tricks to make the
experience enjoyable for both you and your bird.

Fill a Bowl of Water

One of the simplest ways to give your bird a bath is to fill a shallow bowl with lukewarm
water. The bowl should be large enough for your bird to stand comfortably in, but not so
deep that they could drown. Use a bowl made of ceramic or glass, as plastic can become
slippery and cause your bird to slip or fall. You can also add a few drops of bird-safe soap to
the water to help loosen dirt and debris from your bird’s feathers.

Water Sprinkler

Another way to give your bird a bath is to use a water sprinkler. This method is best for birds
that enjoy playing in water and don’t mind getting wet. You can use a regular garden
sprinkler or a specialised bird bath sprinkler that attaches to a hose. Place the sprinkler in
your bird’s cage or in a secure outdoor area and turn on the water. Adjust the water pressure to a gentle stream to prevent your bird from being scared or overwhelmed.

Add a Perch in Shower

If you prefer to shower with your bird, you can add a perch to the shower to provide a
comfortable spot for your bird to stand on. The perch should be made of a non-slip material
and secured to the wall or shower door with suction cups or brackets. Turn on the shower to
a gentle, lukewarm stream and let your bird stand under the water for a few minutes. Make
sure the water temperature isn’t too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures can be harmful to your bird.

In Kitchen Sink

Another option for giving your bird a bath is to use the kitchen sink. Secure a perch under
the tap and turn on the water to a gentle stream. Make sure the water temperature is
lukewarm and that your bird is comfortable standing in the sink. Do not use any soap.

Spray Bottle

If your bird is hesitant to get wet, you can try using a spray bottle to mist their feathers. Fill a
clean spray bottle with lukewarm water and mist your bird’s feathers from a distance. Make
sure the mist is gentle and doesn’t scare your bird. You can also add a few drops of bird-safe
soap to the water to help clean your bird’s feathers. Be sure to rinse your bird thoroughly to
remove all the soap.