Choose the Safest Bird Cage Now & Avoid Regret Later

alexandrine parrot in rusty old small cage sad alone

A bird cage is a must-have item to make any bird feel at home. Nowadays, pet suppliers offer so many varieties such as shape, size, color and price. Certainly as a first time pet owner, it can be daunting selecting the perfect bird cage. How do you tick all the boxes in terms of safety, aesthetics, comfort and capacity? We’ll give you a whole bunch of tips to help you through this process.

Firstly, the size of the bird cage is dependent on the bird species being housed. Head over to our Parrots sections, select the species of interest and scroll down to the Essentials section to find the minimum bird cage requirements. If you cannot find your bird species, send us a message via the About Us page and we’ll gladly assist. It is also important to keep in mind the space available within your home to cater for the cage.

Surprisingly, most new bird owners are unaware that certain types of cages are detrimental to their birds health. Components of these cages can chip over time and if ingested lead to toxicity or in extreme cases, death. Below are a list of cage materials to avoid and seek.

Bird Cages to Avoid:

  • Low Grade Stainless Steel
  • Galvanized Steel – contains zinc coating
  • Metals Prone to Rust/Corrosion – iron, copper, steel, zinc, aluminum
  • Wooden/Bamboo – can be chipped away with beaks
  • Plastic Coated Wires – plastic can be chewed off
  • Covered in Paint – risk of lead or zinc poisoning (common in ornamental cages)
  • Restrictive – does not allow bird flight/playroom
collage of unsafe bird cages

Bird Cage Must Haves:

  • 100% High Grade Stainless Steel – preferably 304 Medical Grade
  • Durable Wrought Iron
  • Non Toxic Powder Coated
  • Sturdy & Solid – long lasting
  • Reasonable Bar Spacing – prevent escape/injury
  • Secured Locks or Latches
  • Large Access Door
  • Slide Out Removable Bottom Tray
Sun Conure Parakeets in stainless steel cage

If you are a beginner and planning to keep at most 3 birds as pets, my recommendation is the powder coated stainless steel cage. These cages are easy to assemble, durable and found at most pet suppliers. Additionally they are budget friendly, with most under $500. However care must be taken during cleaning as there is a very small risk (although unlikely) of the coating chipping off with sharp tools. Instead use non abrasive materials such as a soft sponge or wet wipes.

On the other hand, avian professionals who specialize in breeding or rescue birds, I would recommend spending more upfront and investing in a 100% High Grade Stainless Steel cage. These cages have a sleek, clean cut design and will last a lifetime. Similar to the the the powder coated cages, they are easy to clean but very expensive. Taking into consideration the bird turnover especially in rescue centers, you definitely don’t want the hassle of re-housing birds each time an aviary is faulty and poses a risk to their health.

Remember your birds health comes first!