How to Create Cute Disney Inspired Posters of Your Pet

With new artificial intelligence technology (AI) available, Bing Create now allows you to create AI images. The hardest part is writing a description on what to create, so to start you off use the abstract below:

Bing Create:

a disney pixar inspired movie poster with the title TIKO & ROSEY, with two sun conure birds pictured in poster, the scene in Rio should be in the distinct digital art style of Pixar, with a focus on character expressions, vibrant colours, and detailed textures that are characteristic

This will generate a selection of images like below:

However you have the freedom to be creative and tailor the images to your liking. Use as many relevant adjectives and nouns so the AI software has a more accurate understanding of what your are requesting. Just imagine a Transformers themed parrot – deadly, eek!

There is no limit to your creativity. Bing Create is amazing!